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Hey, so our new real place is http://student.gwhs.org:16080/weblog/solar/. You have to use your student server code to get in I think. That's right online pedeophiles! NO SOUP FOR YOU! But I could be wrong, but still...NO SOUP.

Rose wrote:

On April 28th, 2007, Kate, Emma, and Rose woke up, ranging from 6 am to 7 am in order to prpare for our all day excursion with GRID Alternative's Engery Efficiency Team. Alyson wasn't there, it's okay, she's wayyyy too coool to go. unfortunately, she was in sacramento for a basketball tournement. The workday was from 8 am to 4 pm, although we finished around 5 pm. We met the other volunteers at Pier 28 on the Emparcadero to b e split up and be assigned our hit lists. Our group ended up being us three, as well as an experience volunteer, Thad, who showed us the ropes. We had three houses to go through, all of which were being remodelled extensively by Rebuilding Together, another nonprofit organization. 
Our assignments were to make the houses more energy efficient by installing door and window weather stripping, water pipe insulation, faucet acrators, and exchanging compact bulbs for fluorescent light bulbs. We got to learn how to use hack saws, change lights, and all sorts of cool handiwork. While Kate maintains that her expericne indicates that she is not skilled at rebuilding, the general consensus was that we had a good time and learned a lot. We got to help ppeople save moeny by installing free appliances and imporve their living situation.  
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This morning I made my way to PG&E to get some info on solar power for residential communities. The lecture mostly talked about the mechanics, cost, and proccess of having a solar home. One thing I came away with was that even though solar power is expensive, we can reduce our cost by lowering the amount of energy we use. Also, since schools tend to have more space, we can use solar film strips instead of crystalline panels. However, panels are more efficient. Right now I'm just rambling, but I'll get into more details later when I have all my notes together.

Hey hey hey

So yes, I'm one of the members of this group. What do I say?
Well, as said before this community is for a Civics project at Gateway High School to see how we can encourage solar power. This community will probably log our escapades in community service and research on the subject. For now, you probably will not hear that much due to the fact that we are mostly in Spring Break Mode and have just began the project.

Kate is here!

lemurboogy has joined!

(That's Kate BTW.)

Make an intro post Kate!


We are the Sunbeams!

Our goal is to help with Solar Power Awareness and other stuff!

This is basicaly a test post!
This Community will document our progress, our Community service, and our fundraising efforts!

More info later, when my group members all get LiveJournals!




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